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It should not be so hard to enroll in Medicaid, if you meet the eligibility requirements. 40% of surveyed Medicaid applicants ran into problems trying to get healthcare coverage: from a confusing website to long wait times to dropped calls. 

These problems are fixable.


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Dear Secretary Gillespie,

I'm an Arkansan who supports a successful Medicaid program in our state. Please read the report "SICK OF WAITING: Barriers to Medicaid Keep Healthcare Out of Reach," delivered to your office on March 1,and direct DHS to fix the enrollment problems described by eligible Arkansas applicants. As you know, every person who meets the Medicaid eligibility criteria is guaranteed coverage. But the report shows that 41% of surveyed applicants are running into problems applying. That's an unacceptable level of service to Arkansas.


a concerned Arkansan



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