Urge Governor to Support Rental Assistance

On April 22, Governor Hutchinson rejected $146 million in federal help for struggling Arkansas renters.

He said there are "jobs aplenty." But many jobs are minimum wage or low pay. And minimum wage does not cover the rent!

Sign the petition to let the Governor know Arkansas renters need more help.



Dear Governor Hutchinson,

We are disappointed by our state's refusal to look out for the interests of low-income Arkansans. We are being crushed between rising rents and stagnant wages.

Arkansas renters make up some third of our population. First DHS prematurely closed of the Arkansas Rent Relief Program. Now you have rejected $146 million in federal assistance for these families. A study by Southern Bancorp showed that as of last fall, some 160,000 Arkansans were either behind on rent or worried about next month's rent. These are mainly working families whose wages simply do not stretch to cover an average family's food, utility, child care, transportation, and housing costs.

Federal funds help leverage more investment in our communities. Stable housing contributes to better education outcomes for our children and better workforce reliability for our industries. 

We urge you to acknowledge the plight of tax-paying, working families with low wages. Help make sure every Arkansas child and family can count on a roof over their head.


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