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June 17, 2013

Support Thrasher Boys & Girls Club!

Saturday, Febuary 12th at 12 PM, Arkansas Community Organizations will be partnering with The Boys & Girls Club of Central Arkansas and Central Arkansas DSA to support the re-opening of Thrasher Boys and Girls Club.
Thrasher has been closed down for the last 2 years. The services provided by Thrasher have long supported families in the larger South End community. Studies show that as these programs leave our communities, they lead to an increase in crime, which is often met by increases in policing and violent police incidents.
There are now plans to re-open Thrasher, and the community needs to show our support! If Thrasher has ever meant anything to you, or if you believe in a PROACTIVE solution to crime that focuses on supporting families in low-income and majority black communities, now is the time to step up! Thrasher needs the community's support if it is ever going to succeed. We need to show the people of Little Rock that Thrasher is an important piece of this city's history, and that we are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that it re-opens and continues to support our families.
We're meeting Saturday the 12th at 12 PM to clean up trash, paint, and do whatever else we can do to show support for Thrasher. This is also a membership drive! If you have children who want to be members when the club opens, sign up information will be available at the event.
DSA will also be hosting a FREE tail light repair. Bring your car in and members will get your lights back into working order. This goes a long way to prevent unnecessary police stops, expensive tickets and fines!
Food will be provided to all who attend!
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! If you would like to help prepare food, sign up members, pass out flyers, repair tail lights, and more, please contact us via FB messenger or by calling ACO at 501-376-7151. 

Will you come?

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